Getting married in New York – the city that never sleeps

Are you looking for something really special? How about getting married in New York? I offer assistance in planning and organizing weddings in the Big Apple. These are so-called “elopements” or “micro weddings”. This means that you either fly to New York as a couple and get married without guests or that you get married in a very small circle with 10 or less guests. Unfortunately, I cannot organize the glittering ball night with 150 people in the Prince George Ballroom for you.

Getting married in New York

Yes, I do compact

With the Yes I do compact offer, you essentially plan and organize yourself. But you will get detailed and structured information from me, what you have to consider and how much resources (time and financial) you should plan. The Yes I do compact package includes a detailed, personalized guide with general information about getting married in New York (documents needed, costs, etc…), location suggestions for the wedding ceremony (mostly outdoor), a detailed service provider directory for officiants, wedding photographers, stylists, florists and confectioners, tips and recommendations for smaller or larger budgets, as well as one to two planning meetings (in person and/or via Zoom a total of max. 2 hours) to answer your questions or discuss your planning.

Yes I do kompakt costs a flat rate of CHF 400.

Additional planning meetings are available upon request, billing is on a time and effort basis.

Getting married in New York

Yes, I do individually

With the individual Yes I do offer I take over the planning and organization for you. This includes the clarification of the availability of officiants, wedding photographers and all other desired service providers, the elaboration of various recommendations for the wedding ceremony (depending on the season usually outside, but with bad weather option), a recommendation for the daily schedule and social program, a detailed personalized guide to not forget anything during the day, regular updates on the status of preparations and two to three planning meetings (in person and/or by Zoom) .

Yes I do individually will be charged according to time and effort.

Getting married in New York: Wedding ceremony Sabine and Thomas, 21.04.2019

Photos: Frerk Hopf / Officiant: Theresa Bernstorff-Hopf / Location: Gantry Plaza State Park

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